Shimon Kamada (1997) recollects his own story throughout his painting. He fuses truth and figuration with fiction and abstraction to fill the blank spaces of memory. The artist looks back at his photo album and extracts several images to make a digital collage as starting point. With oil painting, he carries all the physical experiences, delusions, and childhood dreams that provoke melancholy from his memory onto the canvas. When he catches a sense of nostalgia and emptiness for the passing of time, he translates it into images that evoke a deep sense of reflection. Stories and cultural practices become intertwined by building his works in different layers. Thus, allowing for different connotations to emerge. This complexity makes his paintings full of narrative and ambiguity, both for the artist and his audience. By infusing his works with the ominous ray of light, he seeks to offer the viewer differing associations and rich hallucinations.