Enari is an emerging gallery located in the heart of Amsterdam's city center. Founded by Paul van Gemen and Christina Voulgari, the gallery has a distinct focus on presenting exceptional exhibitions with a strong international character. These exhibitions showcase emerging talents and established artists, creating a dynamic blend of artistic expressions.


The gallery made its debut in mid-November 2022 with the aim of bridging the Dutch cultural scene with the global art community. Beyond being a physical space, it aspires to foster a vibrant exchange between local and international artistic spheres. Enari's role transcends that of a gallery; it acts as a conduit for cultural dialogue, allowing ideas to flow freely and creativity to flourish.


Enari complies with the Gallery Fair Practice Code





    At Enari, we strive to support and introduce the next generation of artists, collectors, and creative professionals to a healthier art world. This mission cannot be accomplished without the synergy of our peers and supporters. Our code of values is being developed so that it is consistent with our mission and objectives.


    • Enari prohibits all forms of discrimination and harassment, including racism, homophobia, transphobia, sexism, classism, ableism, and ageism.
    • Enari will provide established and emerging artists with secure spaces, access, constructive dialogue, and collective support.
    • Staff will be compensated above the minimum wage.
    • Disparities within the art industry will be combatted against.
    • Enari will guarantee that artists experience no pressure to succeed.
    • Artists and employees will be safeguarded against exhaustion.
    • Enari will assist artists in pursuing external partnerships and opportunities.
    • General career guidance and aid will be supplied to artists.
    • Artists will receive solitary and ensemble exhibitions to showcase their work.