Fabricated Love: Emre Özakat, Andrei Nițu, Tom Solty

Representing a triadic convergence of artists, Emre Özakat, Andrei Nițu, and Tom Solty, Fabricated Love unfurls a cerebral tapestry that elucidates the profound alterations that define the contemporary human experience, as mediated through the imbrications of the tangible and the virtual.

Enari Gallery is pleased to present Fabricated Love, a group exhibition featuring works by Emre Özakat, Andrei Nițu, and Tom Solty. The exhibition serves as a seminal platform, facilitating an erudite exploration of the intricate interplay between conventional artistic practices and the transformative dimensions engendered by the digital milieu.

Fabricated Love 
delves into a multitude of contrasts, including technological advancements and antiquated customs, surveillance and intimacy, authenticity, and simulation. The exhibition prompts visitors to reflect on the intricate ways in which digital environments influence our lives and how art functions as a medium through which these intricate conversations unfold.

The show seeks to disclose an ontological dialectic encompassing the transient harmonies between the digital metaverse and tradition, the ubiquitous and ephemeral nature of surveillance, and the dynamic relationship between reality and online imagery. While navigating in the exhibition, the canvases function as conduits for philosophical suggestions. These stimulating debates go beyond mere aesthetic admiration and encourage reflection on the complex relationships between technology, tradition, and the ever-changing nature of love in the age of digital interconnection.