Meet the Cantors: Douglas Cantor, Sophie Vallance Cantor

Enari Gallery is proud to announce Meet the Cantors, a duo exhibition showcasing the works of partners Douglas Cantor and Sophie Vallance Cantor. 

Their third collaboration, Meet the Cantors, showcases the artists' resilient partnership. Their story is one of persistent creativity, unwavering conviction, and mutual support in overcoming challenges. With a ‘watch us’ attitude, they defy expectations, crafting unconventional works that celebrate the triumph of creativity over adversity.

Vallance Cantor and Cantor delve into the multifaceted theme of immigration, which is a recurring motif in their artistic endeavours. Through their respective works, they address the complexities of immigration, drawing on personal experiences and the difficulties of navigating the immigration system. Their titles provide glimpses into Cantor's immigrant experience, highlighting the enormous impact it has had on their shared lives. Vallance Cantor emerges as a central figure in Cantor's artistic and personal life. In his paintings, she is his muse, representing inspiration and companionship. In a whimsical yet dramatic twist, Cantor is portrayed as 'El Diablo' (The Devil), a symbol of the immigrant experience in the Western world. However, this representation defies clichés by portraying 'El Diablo' as a figure of protection, serenity, and mastery, defying typical narratives surrounding immigration.

Despite these challenges, their unwavering dedication to one another acts as a beacon of resilience and fortitude. The short film EL DIABLO AND THE PAINTER, which will be shown during the exhibition, masterfully weaves together the narratives of their paintings, providing more insight into their creative process and the deeper meanings of their work.