With her work, Vandeweghe creates a personal viewing experience – pushing the boundaries between satire and the naked truth. Her ability to translate pain into beauty showcases the ephemeral nature of the human condition.

Nina Vandeweghe is a contemporary artist from Belgium who graduated from KASK, Ghent, Belgium, in 2012, where she studied painting and illustration. She started out as an illustrator, working in an expressive and illustrative style with a strong preference for naive forms. Progressively distancing herself from commercial and commissioned work, she evolved her practice as a painter. She developed her bold and figurative style, giving elements to her work that still permeates her more conceptual production today. She usually constructs her compositions with fictional, cartoon-ish characters that seem to only just fit within the boundaries of the pictorial plane. Her work gains depth and complexity from the sequences of layer upon layer from which the images emerge.