Standing before Boerma's painting is an overwhelming experience. The images invite you to immerse yourself in the work.

Eline Boerma lives and works in Blaricum, the Netherlands. Boerma questions herself and her own experiences in the world through painting. Straddling a line between abstraction and showing elements of adventures in nature, Her paintings offer a dive into bursts of energetic brush strokes. Drawing inspiration from memories of sensory experiences, from swimming in the sea and getting washed by the waves to the smell of rain and the silence during a dive underwater. 


Boerma’s work is about color, movement, and form and what is created with them; a feeling of life on the canvas.


How can we grasp abstract experiences? How do those abstract experiences stay in your body? What do you remember? Those countless sensory experiences, which can be short-lived and quickly forgotten, are somehow reflected in the work with expressive lines and colors. Those moments are not illustrated one-on-one, but Boerma creates a similar experience on canvas. An experience you can immerse yourself in. It's not about understanding an image but about what is happening viscerally.


It all starts with the body. Immersion in physical movement is essential when creating the work. Creating rhythmic patterns with energetic brush strokes, you can experience her paintings as if you were listening to music.


Eline Boerma received a BA in Fine Arts from the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht in 2022. Recent exhibitions include Best of Graduates at Galerie Ron Mandos, Fresh Cacao at the Cacaofabriek, and SBK Sprouts Young Talents 2022 at Loods 6. She was nominated for the Buning Brongers Prize and is the winner of the Dooyewaard Stipend, where she has been a resident since October 2022.