BIG ART Amsterdam: The art platform for XL art

4 - 6 November 2022 
A pop-up platform for XL artworks and huge design objects, brought to you by a blend of established artists and designers as well as upcoming talents. Every year BIG ART occupies a special building in or around Amsterdam where dozens of galleries, artists and designers fill the place with a unique mix of monumental paintings and drawings, large sculptures and photographs, mesmerizing lightart and impressive interactive installations.
During BIG ART, Enari exhibited for the first time outside the walls of its gallery ever, showcasing works of the Dutch emerging artist, Eline Boerma. 
Boerma’s work is about color, movement, and form and what is created with them; a feeling of life on the canvas. Straddling a line between abstraction and showing elements of adventures in nature, Her paintings offer a dive into bursts of energetic brush strokes. Drawing inspiration from memories of sensory experiences, from swimming in the sea and getting washed by the waves to the smell of rain and the silence during a dive underwater.